Cave Point County Park – Door County Hike

July 23, 2022

Cute couple enjoying the view.

Many of you recommended that we take a trip to Cave Point County Park while we were in Door County. THANK YOU! I would not have found this beautiful place without your advice!

Cave Point County Park is outside of Sevastopol and sits inside the Whitefish Dunes State Park. The website says it is the only known county park to sit inside a state park. The park is just under 19 acres and sits on 900 feet of shoreline.

Reba made it into the water more than once and she had a blast.

It’s COLD Mom!

The trail we chose was along the rocky shoreline. It was a short hike that went in and out of the county and state parks – Reba and I ended up going about two miles. The trail was well defined, but filled with roots and rocks, so Timmy stayed back for the second mile.

On our own – Daddy quit a mile back!

There is a dog beach inside the State Park, but it is another mile or so hike each way to get there and back. Timmy was having none of that. Reba and I will come back another time. Maybe at some point in the future the powers that be will consider a parking area closer to the dog beach.

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