Reba’s Reviews – Least dog friendly – Indianapolis

September 28th, 2022

One dog friendly spot I found. At Daddy’s feet.

Just sitting here in the shade with my daddy.

Thanks goodness our wonderful Indianapolis KOA has a nice dog park, because everywhere else Mom and Dad have tried to take me was a bust.

They tried dog park after dog park and every single one they could find was a membership based park. I get it, it costs cash to keep these places up, but there was no option for a day pass! The fees were from $50 – $75 for the year, you had to go to a separate place to show your vaccine records and get a code or fob.

Then mom saw a cute little restaurant on a lake with a patio. Of course a restaurant with a patio on a lake would allow leashed dogs to sit with their family and have a snack, right? You would be wrong. No dogs on the patio.

Maybe we missed something here, but mom really tried to find some dog friendly spaces for us.

I guess we will spend the day here at the KOA. It’s nice – and they are dog friendly, but we really wanted to EXPLORE!!!

If you are familiar with Indi area and there is something we missed, let me know!!


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