In early 2022 we quit our corporate jobs, sold our condo and became first-time/full-time RVers.

Follow along and explore our beautiful country with us.

Are you considering full time RVing in retirement? We did it! In early 2022, Tim and I retired from the 8-5 and started exploring. In our blog posts we will share our challenges, our triumphs and lessons learned!

The road less traveled


We are spending a minimum of 18 months traveling our incredible country and seeing all the things we were too busy to visit while we were working! Follow along!

Honey – 35’ and 12,000 pounds

“Honey,” we’re home!

Honey is our brand new Alliance 310 RL. We have a love, love, mild frustration relationship with her. Mostly the frustration is self induced! Learn from our lessons.

Perspective is everything

About Us

Some stuff I learned in my nearly 40 year (yikes) career in media and business. Meet some of the fabulous leaders I had the privilege to know.

Reba is a great little traveler!

Reba’s Reviews

Our 4 legged friend might have a opinion of her own during our travels.

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